inSonic2015 - aesthetics of spatial audio in sound, music and sound-art

Symposium Program inSonic2015 Detailed

Friday 27.11, 9:30-11:00 ZKM-IMA Kubus & 11:00-18:15 ZKM Vortragssaal

ID Begin End Location Title Author
K-1.1 09:30 10:30 ZKM-IMA Kubus Keynote: Perspectives in Space - Creative approaches to recorded sources and 3D sound Natasha Barrett
P-1.1 10:30 11:00 ZKM-IMA Kubus Tools and applications for interactive-algorithmic control of sound spatialization in OpenMusic Jérémie Garcia, Jean Bresson, Marlon Schumacher, Thibaut Carpentier, Xavier Favory
  11:00 11:30 ZKM-Foyer Coffee  
P-1.2 11:30 12:00 ZKM-Vortragssaal What we already know about spatialization with compact spherical arrays as variable-directivity loudspeakers Matthias Frank, Gerriet K. Sharma, Franz Zotter
P-1.2 12:00 12:30 ZKM-Vortragssaal Sound Field Reproduction of Microphone Array Recordings Using the Lasso and the Elastic-net: Theory, Application Examples and Artistic Potentials Philippe-Aubert Gauthier, Alain Berr
P-1.2 12:30 13:00 ZKM-Vortragssaal t.b.a. t.b.a.
  13:00 14:00   Lunch  
14:00 15:30 HfG/ZKM
Installations Tour / Demo-Concerts  
  15:30 16:00 ZKM-Foyer coffee  
K-1.2 16:00 17:00 ZKM-Vortragssaal Keynote: Spatial Scores for the multi-channel audio with IanniX Thierry Coduys
P-1.3 17:00 17:25 ZKM-Vortragssaal Osaka Expo ’70: The Promise and reality of a Spherical Sound Stage Sean Williams
P-1.3 17:25 17:50 ZKM-Vortragssaal 4DSound Paul Omen
P-1.3 17:50 18:15 ZKM-Vortragssaal Zirkonium MK III - a Toolkit for Spatial Composition Chikashi Miyama

Saturday 28.11, 9:30-18:00, HfG Grosses Studio

ID Begin End Location Title Author
K-2.1 09:30 10:30 HfG Grosses Studio Keynote: Multi-channel Music Technology and the Aesthetics of Acoustic Space Barry Truax
P-2.1 10:30 10:55 HfG Grosses Studio Symbols and Boundaries: Creating Soundscape via Organizing Nearables Data Yuan-Yi Fan
P-2.1 10:55 11:20 HfG Grosses Studio "Géométrie dynamique" - The modulation of the acoustic space as a composition process Namur Matos Roscha
P-2.1 11:20 11:45 HfG Grosses Studio )ertur( : Apertures in Pitch-, Colour- Time-, Timbral and Cartesian Space Klarenz Barlow
  11:45 12:00 HfG-Foyer Coffee  
P-2.2 12:00 12:30 HfG Grosses Studio Towards understanding and verbalizing spatial sound phenomena in electronic music Gerriet K. Sharma, Matthias Frank, Franz Zotter
P-2.2 12:30 13:00 HfG Grosses Studio From Prism to Tim(br)e 2: developing a topological approach to spatialisation Michael Clark
  13:00 14:00   Lunch  
K-2.2 14:00 15:00 HfG Grosses Studio Keynote: Different Approaches to Sound, Different Approaches to Art Edwin van der Heide
P-2.3 15:00 15:30 HfG Grosses Studio Theatres of Sounds: the role of context in the presentation of electroacoustic music. Andrew Hill
P-2.3 15:30 16:00 HfG Grosses Studio Spatialization in Electronic Music Curtis Roads
  16:00 16:30 HfG-Foyer Coffee  
R-2.1 16:30 18:00 HfG Grosses Studio Roundtable: Audio Art in Spatial Domains: Learning from the Past, Living for Today or Hoping for the Future? t.b.a. (chair: Tony Myatt)